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% inflation target. it's included in the boj plan with the government. it's part of abe's plan to tackle deflation with bolder, monetary easing measures. bank of japan governor and eight other board members agreed on a policy at the end of a two-day meeting. the announcement says financial authorities will try to reach the target at their earliest possible time. boj officials have previously made it a goal to bring 1% inflation within reach but the new, clearer target requires some bold steps. the document also addresses the role of the government in revitalizing japan's economy. it describes how politicians should promote growth and restore fiscal health. along with drafting the joint statement, boj officials have agreed to introduce open-ended asset purchasing. under a new program from january 2014 the central bank will purchase a certain amount of financial assets every month. no termination date is being set for the scheme. the new measure will expand the total size of the asset purchase program, or app, by about 10 trillion yen, or $110 billion, in 2014. the program is expected to b
about may be running short. a south korean government source says north koreans appear to have almost completed preparations for their nuclear test. the source says satellite images show a tunnel at the poongkye-ri test site has now been plugged with dirt and concrete, likely to prevent a radiation leak. the images reportedly captured what appeared to be detonator cables extending out of the tunnel. a south korean defense ministry spokesperson didn't give us much detail but he said scientists in the north are on standby. >> translator: north korea is ready to conduct a nuclear test whenever its leadership decides. >> the spokesperson says south korean military commanders have been closely monitoring test preparations and other moves in north korea. >>> officials with the finance minister resay japan's annual trade deficit is the worst in its history. they say imports outweighed sports in 2012 by about 6.9 trillion yen or more than $78 billion. that's three times greater than 2011. nhk world takes a look at the causes and the outlook for this year. >> reporter: they released the report
action own territorial disputes close to home. >> translator: the government will properly develop and better administer japanese islands near borders with other nations and boost security there. i declare that we'll protect the lives and property of japanese nationals and protect our country's territory. >> prime minister abe closed his speech by saying only that people of japan can make the country strong. . >>> prime minister abe and barack obama are expected to meet in washington. u.s. ties gave us his perspective on the important issues facing the alliance. michael green served on the white house national security council as director of asian affairs under the bush administration. he spoke with nhk world. >> strategically, the u.s. and japan have a common interest in setting a high standard for transparency, rule of law and market access. >> michael green believes japan has a lot to gain by joining negotiations for the transpacific partnership free trade agreement or ttp. he says it would improve the country's standing with the u.s. and within asia. and he says it would send a
government is under fire for failing to release updates on the hostages since confirming the deaths of 23 on saturday. officials say prime minister abdelmalek sellal will disclose more details at a news conference later on monday. dozens of hostages are still missing. >>> japanese and u.s. regulators are investigating the company that makes batteries for the boeing 787. they are trying to figure out why the battery produced smoke that forced a pilot to make an emergency landing. officials with japan transport safety board and the u.s. federal aviation administration visited gs yuasa firm the pilot of an ana flight made an emergency landing in western japan after a smoke alert went off. all dreamliners have been grounded since last week. safety inspectors believe the smoke came from a battery that overheated because the current was too high. we have more. >> translator: the inside of the battery looks like charcoal. >> reporter: the investigating teams say the batteries appeared to have been burned out. a similar problem was on japan airlines 787 on january 7th in the united states. one of
with a professor to teaches international relations in kyoto. >> translator: the chinese government hopes that japan will head in the same direction as china and take meaningful steps to restore and improve bilateral ties. >>> some experts on japan-china relations say the chinese le leader's comments are too vague. we spoke to a man who teaches international relations in kyoto. >> it's too ambiguous what they have in mind. if they stop sending ships or aircraft to our territory, probably it should be a good sign. but it doesn't say that specifically in such an ambiguous statement. we need more better environment to be able to talk more frankly, but the point is that this will not be built in a day. probably this kind of mutual trust, we need something of mutual trust to discuss more details of the relationship. so probably we should continue exchanging some words of goodwill, this kind of words of goodwill so that we can eventually lessen the psychological barriers of difficulties we might have between the two countries. >>> the united states has >>> analysts at johns hopkins university p
to remember. keiko abe, nhk world, tokyo. >> seven survivors of the attack will fly home on a government plane. the bodies of the seven victims will also be on the plane. >>> survivors from other asian countries have started to return patchari raksawong has details. >> a malaysian man arrived home on wednesday afternoon. he was an employee of the engineering firm, jgc. ravi kappusany was reunited at the airport with members of his family. >> i'm happy i came back home safely, that's all. the government knows what's happening. >> in manila, four filipino survivors also returned home on wednesday from a passenger plane from algeria, via qatar. they were working at the gas plant in the algerian desert at the time of the attack. they came into the arrivals hall accompanied by a japanese employee of jgc. they looked tense and did not respond to questions from reporters. a vehicle sent by the company collected them from the airport. several asian countries suffered casualties in the attack. they include seven japanese, six filipinos and one malaysian. >>> julia gillard has called for easing of frict
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6